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From the purchase of your domain to the creation of the website. From hosting to SEO activities. With us you will find the right solution for all web matters.

Virtual Tours

Looking for a professional solution for VR photos and virtual tours? Make IT Better is a official and certified Google VR Photographer.

SME Networks

From the company server to the WiFi network, from backup solutions to intranet security. In a solution performed by us nothing is left to chance.

IT consulting

Customer and computer science often speak two different languages, that’s where we can make the difference by helping you in the correct strategic choices.

Blockchain? MIB accepts Bitcoins and other Criptocurrencies

@ MIB we like to be up to date with new technologies. That is why we accept Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

MIB is a Official Google VR Photographer

MIB is from now a Official Google VR photographer.

MIB @ International Virtual Reality Professionals Association

VR is for us a big passion. Starting from now MIB is a IVRPA member (International Virtual Reality Professional Association).

WhatsApp Business

At MIB we always look at new technologies with a openminded passion.

That is why you can reach us also on WhatsApp Business from a landline. Just save our +41912083168 phone number and you’ll find us in your WhatsApp application with a complete Business description.

The difference between a customer and a satisfied customer!

That’s why we give you the chance to see who has already worked with us.

  • 2018 –  Vumi Piastrellista – 6661 Auressio

    • Business website
    • News management
    • SEO activity and interfacing with the company Facebook page
    • Costructions portfolio
    • Forms
    • https website
    • Visit:   www.vumi.ch
  • 2018 –  Club Volo Libero Ticino – 6500 Bellinzona
    • Corporate website
    • Several additional functions and integration of external services (weather data, races, winds, maps, etc.)
    • News management
    • SEO activity and interfacing with the club’s Facebook page
    • Vimeo Video and Flickr Photo gallery integration
    • Forms and merchandising order
    • Multi-user management by club committee members
    • Visit:   www.cvlt.ch
  • 2018 – Ristorante Pizzeria Gabietta – 6614 Brissago
  • 2018 – Paramania Flying School – 6592 Sant’ Antonino
    • Business website
    • News and articles management
    • Google My Business Profile
    • Management of held courses and of used equipment for sale
    • https
    • Visit:    www.paramania.ch 
  • 2017 – Boutique Incanto – 6612 Ascona
SME Networks
  • 2018 – Studio Pediatrico Dr. Med. Isabel Strobel – 6830 Chiasso
    • Full IT network
    • Database Server for Elexis (TM) Medical application
    • Backup solution
    • WiFi coverage extension over Power Line
    • Fax – Scanner – Print MF
  • 2018 – Ristorante Pizzeria Gabietta – 6614 Brissago
    • Backup solution (Cloud and local)
    • New PC
  • 2018 – Studio di Fisioterapia Verbano – 6600 Locarno
    • Full IT network
    • Server installation
    • Backup solution
    • WiFi coverage extension over Power Line
    • Network reconfiguration that presented important limitations and difficulties
IT consulting and PM
  • 2018 – Spitex “Il Sole” – 6600 Locarno
    • IT consultancy in the process of selecting a management software

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